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When Crazy Doesn’t Work Anymore. The Morton Downey Jr. / Charlie Sheen / Glenn Beck Story.

Crazy can be great entertainment, until all of a sudden it isn’t. It’s the car wreck of the entertainment world; facinating at the beginning, but it quickly becomes sad, mundane, or  offensive, and you just want to turn away.  Twenty years ago … Continue reading

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Charle Sheen Needs Our Sympathy

Like the rest of the world, I have watched with fascination and mirth as Charlie Sheen has entertained us with his outbursts and bad behavior, spiraling down into the quintessential Hollywood abyss like many others before him. But last night, … Continue reading

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How Is McDonalds New Oatmeal Like Fox News?

McDonalds’ new oatmeal product, touted as wholesome and nutritious, turns out to have nearly as many calories as a cheeseburger (290), unless you specially request the deletion of the included brown sugar. It also has 21 ingredients, many of which … Continue reading

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Is Your Credit Card Company Evil?

I was very pleased to see new government regulations on credit card companies. It was lack of regulation that put the world in our current precarious financial situation, and putting some controls around the massive, faceless credit card companies is … Continue reading

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Terrorists Among Us? Should Rush Limbaugh Be Sent To Guantanamo? Waterboard Glenn Beck?

Terrorists seek to disrupt through fear. And the more afraid they make us the more apt we are to act emotionally and irrationally because of this fear. Since 9/11 we have acted irrationally when it comes to air travel, and … Continue reading

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