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The Next Big Thing In Beverages

The beverage sector has long been the hottest selling category in packaged goods. This is true of both soft drinks and alcoholic beverages. While other packaged food manufacturers are very pleased to achieve the rare 40% profit margin, beverage makers … Continue reading

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The Amateur’s Guide to Fixing Satellites And Many Other Technologies

I am a bit of a gadget geek.  I have a new iPhone, Apple TV, a Kindle, four Tivos, two Hughes Net satellite systems, several XM radios, a wireless computer card, a Crestron system, a really nifty Garmin GPS device, … Continue reading

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Smash your Blackberry! Is Steve Jobs an alien invader?

It’s time to fight back. Smash your Blackberry right now. Jump up from your desk – raise your hand high with that evil device clutched in your fingers – scream “destroy the invaders” Continue reading

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