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Power Your House For 14 Cents A Month! Why I Love Solar Energy!

Outfitting your house with green energy systems can seem a daunting expense, but with today’s high energy prices you can have a pretty quick payback when your electricity for a month costs 14 cents! Continue reading

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Buy A CFL (Or An LED) Bulb Today!

As covered in an earlier post, one great way to save a little green and live a little greener is to replace standard bulbs with compact fluorescent light bulbs. At today’s electricity rates (which will only go up) you will … Continue reading

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Did The Economic Stimulus Package Give You An Erection?

insist upon American-made porno Continue reading

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A Very Sad 4th of July As America Mourns the Loss of Jesse Helms

Jesse Helms was just standing up for the American people. He was the first to let the world know that Martin Luther King was a communist, and that’s why he opposed making his birthday a national holiday. We shouldn’t be celebrating a commies birthday’s in this country, be they black, white, or yellow – but especially if they are black or yellow. And Uncle Jesse was a pioneer in opposing affirmative action! He didn’t want to see the white man taken advantage of. Continue reading

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