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How Low Will The Dow Go?

Ah, if I only knew the answer.  But I had the opportunity to spend some time with my favorite economist last week, Dr. Dennis O’Donnell, and he had an interesting theory.  Dennis is a very big-brained guy that still has … Continue reading

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The Good News About The Stock Market Meltdown

I like to work with stock and real estate brokers that have been through a recession or two and have experienced deep dives in pricing.  It gives them a certain perspective that the young and fresh don’t share.  They are typically … Continue reading

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Tips On Protecting Your Money

These are frightening times when it comes to investing and and holding on to your money! As I write this the DOW seems hell-bent on going retro – retreating to ugly places we have not seen for years!  And we all just sit … Continue reading

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A Snapshot of Historical S&P Returns.

I don’t believe in market timing, and I think investing (be it in the market, real estate, or almost all other potential investments) is ideally a long-term game. But as the chart I just received from blog-contributor Ray Link illustrates, … Continue reading

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The Rule Of 72

Here is a neat trick to do a quick approximate calculation of how long it will take to double your money at various interest rates. (Of course in today’s market we are all pleased just not to to suffer losses … Continue reading

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