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Investing With A Trump Administration

Whenever there’s change in administration and policy, there’s opportunity in the financial markets, regardless of how one feels about the outcome. While we have seen a big run-up in all the major indices since the election, there may be some … Continue reading

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Fallen Angels

In the recent steep decline of the stock market, many high fliers got hit the worst. Here’s an analysis of three and if now is a good time to invest in them.   Tesla Tesla is attempting to be the … Continue reading

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How To Invest Your Money Right Now

I’m pleased to welcome back The Bizzy Life’s resident financial expert, Ray Link, with some sage financial advice about what to do with your money right now.  Of course, this assumes you have some money right now.  Unfortunately for many … Continue reading

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Should Electing A President Be Like Hiring A CEO?

I’m pleased to welcome back our favorite guest blogger, Ray Link.  Since Ray is originally a “Florida Republican”,  I suspect we have disagreed about previous elections, the value of a golf tan, bass versus trout fishing, and other crucial issues. … Continue reading

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The Greatest Olympian Of All Time?

The Greatest Olympian Of All Time? Continue reading

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