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The Republican Presidential Apprentice – Michele Bachmann

For that last decade or so the Republican line-up for the Presidential nomination has often reminded me of The Celebrity Apprentice.  In the case of the television show, in order to make for great TV, the producers assenble a group … Continue reading

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Welcome To The Great State of Googleville.

In the most recent episode of HBO’s terrific show “Entourage”, fallen movie star Vincent Chase is confronted by his angry financial advisor.  “You’re broke”, he screams at him, and encourages him to declare bankruptcy.  Instead, Chase decides to take any … Continue reading

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The Budweiser Test For Higher Office. Should Kid Rock Be Vice-President?

I’m getting an eerie deja vu experience as we move towards the election. I remember one of the big reasons many people cited for voting for Bush was that “he seemed like he would be a good guy to have a beer with”. Now I am hearing the same chatter for Sarah Palin. Continue reading

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