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Fill Your Kindle With This

As if you needed another reason to buy a Kindle……  my book Warriors, Workers, Whiners, & Weasels is now available on Amazon in a Kindle edition (along with 300,000 other titles if the 4 W’s doesn’t inspire you to the … Continue reading

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Are You Ruthless But Gracious?

One of the toughest things about managing a business is judging just how tough to be!  It’s easy to be “too easy” – avoid conflict, and ultimately build a mediocre operation because you fail to make the tough choices.  Often managers … Continue reading

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Did The Economic Stimulus Package Give You An Erection?

insist upon American-made porno Continue reading

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A Very Sad 4th of July As America Mourns the Loss of Jesse Helms

Jesse Helms was just standing up for the American people. He was the first to let the world know that Martin Luther King was a communist, and that’s why he opposed making his birthday a national holiday. We shouldn’t be celebrating a commies birthday’s in this country, be they black, white, or yellow – but especially if they are black or yellow. And Uncle Jesse was a pioneer in opposing affirmative action! He didn’t want to see the white man taken advantage of. Continue reading

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